Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crosby to Carry Torch Tonight in Nova Scotia (VIEW LIVE FEED!)!!

Today is Day 20 of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay and the torch will be travelling from Truro, Nova Scotia to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sidney Crosby will be carrying it for about 300 meters at around 6:30 PM this evening (another news article is reporting the time to be around 5:30 PM, est).

And beginning today in Halifax, you can actually view live feed of the entire relay route all the way to Vancouver with the unprecedented "Olympic Torch Cam!" DON'T MISS IT - it begins with Sidney (read more below!)!!

CTV (LIVE torch cam)

On Wednesday at around 5:30 p.m. ET, the technology will capture a 22-year-old man from Cole Harbour, whose ferocious athleticism has made him an icon of the modern NHL -- Sidney Crosby.

As he jogs a few hundred metres with the Torch in Halifax, hundreds are expected to line the streets. But thanks to the Torch Cam video, the cutting-edge technology will allow thousands of fans across the country to cheer him on.


~*Kiley said...

Go figure my math class just HAS to meet during this. Too bad "I gotta watch Sid carry the Torch!" won't get me a make-up test. This soo better be on YouTube tonight!!!

Maureen said...

I'm SO BUMMED!!!!! My stupid biology class just so happens to be tonight.... maybe I'll luck out and get to see it on mute if the wi-fi signal is good enough.

oh well, hopefully it will end up on YouTube very soon after

Lauren said...

Yeah, what a honor he has! To find out more about him, go to my blog at

Maureen said...

I'm so excited! I'm in bio class and the wi-fi seems to be good enough... I'm hoping it stays strong so I can watch this!

Stephanie said...

@JadoreFleury2925 -- I'm hoping to at least get a few screen caps; I'm sure it'll be somewhere!!

@Maureen -- AWESOME (this is exciting!)!!

Maureen said...

@ Stephanie

I know... I'm so happy I can see it, and I'm so relieved that we're doing review today because I'm totally not focused on class!

Unknown said...

That poor boy! He got mobbed. You couldn't even see anything.

Stephanie said...

@Shana - I know (but he still had a grin from ear to ear - he's so proud!)!! GOOD for him!! : )