Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Malkin Prefers Blondes

Yesterday, the Penguins new radio show, "NXL Na Russkom" (NHL in Russian) premiered on it's HD2 radio station and their first guest to kick it all off was none other than Evgeni Malkin who was as entertaining and adorable as ever! They talked to him about a lot of things, but the one thing I think HftL readers would be particularly interested in is this:

ALYONKA: We'll make sure to invite you back 100 times over but I want to ask you a couple quick questions for our female listeners who want to…
MALKIN: Who want me?
ALYONKA: Yes. Blonde or Brunette?
MALKIN: Blonde
MALKIN: It's hard to say. When I look at a blonde I get more emotions inside of me. I don't know why. I've had a brunette girlfriend before but blondes are No. 1 for me.
If you'd like to read a transcript of the entire interview, VISIT THE PENGUINS WEBPAGE. The shows airs LIVE every Tuesday at 8:30 AM (4:30 in Moscow) then again at 10:00 PM and throughout the week (see the site for more details)!


Unknown said...

lol! he cracks me up.

Maureen said...

being a brunette, I know now that I have NO chance with Sir Geno, but I can't love him any less... LOL!

Stephanie said...

@Amy - VERY AMUSING, that Geno!!

@Maureen - same here (he's too adorable not to love!)!!

Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong, I love Geno, but did anyone else read the full transcript? He makes a comment, albeit, probably jokingly, that makes it seem like he thinks women are dumb. I hope he isn't really like that, and this was some sort of transcription error from the Russian language, but I read what he said to the female reporter and thought it was rude. See below when he says, "even women know the answer":

MEJERITSKI: So what if the final game will be ended by a shootout. Will you help your teammates on how to best beat Fleury in net.

ALYONKA: Of course!

MALKIN: Even women know the answer! Of course I'll help them out.

Stephanie said...

@luvmonkeys87 - I'm thinking it was lost in translation and maybe he meant something like, "even she knows" - joking with Alyonka. They seem to be friendly with each other that way. I'm really thinking that's what it is and wouldn't read too much into it (he seems to respectful / genuine to feel that way); I honestly thought about it for a split second when I read that part too, but rationalized it with what I just wrote here. : )

therealthingx31 said...

well i guess that seals the deal. geno and i are not meant to be D: ahhh well. i've still got max<3

letangsbabe58 said...

i hope sid or kris letang dont
just like blondes

EyeHeartCandy said...

Aww come on! What about redheads? Although I'm naturally blonde ;-)