Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EASTERN Conference Hottie: Mark Stuart (Boston Bruins)

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Stuart attended Colorado College in Colorado Springs for three years prior to going pro. He likely would have left a year earlier but the NHL was involved in that silly lockout. [Which by the way, I always support the players, and believe that the players are the ones who make the sport, so they should be able to get whatever someone is willing to pay them, to play.] During his junior year, Stuart was the captain of the Tigers and led them to the NCAA Frozen Four, where they lost to eventual champion and in-state rival, the University of Denver.

On November 7, 2006, after undergoing off-season knee surgery, Stuart was sent down to the Boston Bruins' American Hockey League affiliate, the Providence Bruins for conditioning purposes until he was recalled by Boston on November 20, 2006.

After the conclusion of the 07/08 Boston Bruins season, Mark Stuart was also selected to play in the 2008 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championships as a member of Team USA. Also, as of April 26, 2008 Stuart was named to be one of the alternate captains for Team USA in the 2008 international event.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Reat the "Getting to Know Bruins # 45" and you'll be sold. I won't even have to write one more sentence in the "really important" category. But never fear, I wouldn't let you all down they'll be more. But go, take a moment and read. As it says "stat(istics) makes Stuart the team’s current “iron man” and the 6’2, 213-pound defenseman clearly embodies that moniker." Um, YUM!!! One of his nick-names is "Stewey" and although he bears no resemblance to the "Family Guy" character, the "cute" quotient kicks up a notch with the way that word just rolls off the tongue. He loves his mom, calling her "an incredible lady" [Link Here] while not being one of those infernal "mamas-boys".

And now, it's time for brutal, Bruin (excuse the silliness, I couldn't resist.) honesty. I ask you, could ANY one of us repeat anything he said in this interview... until watching it at least three times? I know I couldn't. (Thank god for giving men the idea to wear baseball caps!!!! They're so sexy. And he wears his better than most.)

And last but not least, to top it all off, we've got his Seats for Soldiers program. So of course, he's now in full possession of my heart. Since he's a generous supporter of our Military men and women.


Joyce said...

Good God!!! I couldn't stop looking at his lips!!!!

Val said...

He's a honey, and any player that was in the WCHA conference in college, I like - a lot!

Stephanie said...

@Joyce - UM, yum -- I didn't notice his lips!! THANKS for pointing that out!! ; P

@Val - he is a doll, isn't he?!!! Notice the bruises??? You can tell Kena chose the pics - she finds shiners a turn-on!!! : P

Maureen said...

mmmm... very nice and looking at him definitely made a tired Wednesday better.

What a sweet guy, doing all that for the troops. and I can admit that he's cute now, since we beat Boston on Saturday!!! GO PENS

Joyce said...

I agree with Kena---shiners are definitely HOT!!!! (scars too)

87faninnh said...

He should actually be in the Eastern Conference Hockey since he plays for the Bruins. He is worth seeing play live.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I am SO sorry ladies. My infernal hormones have struck again, causing all good sense to be lost, when I'm looking at a gorgeous hockey player.

The gorgeous Mr. Stuart graces the EASTERN conference (It seems that I stole a guy from Stephanie [SORRY Stephanie!!])

In all honesty, I was probably blinded by his looks and lost all coherent thought. Like which conference the Bruins play in.

So for all future refrence, Mark Stuart (and all Boston Bruins) actually have to be drooled on as Eastern Conference Hotties.

Sorry again ladies.