Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where's Sidney?

I'm lightening the mood of the blog today with a fun game; it's my version of "Where's Waldo?"

But here, we're trying to find our Captain -- "Where's Sidney?"

These pictures are from yesterday's practice which was held at Disney Ice (a different location than where the game will be played - the Honda Center), so instead of packing / unpacking all of their gear, the team decided to dress prior and ride to the Disney Ice all ready to go.

Now ... "Where's Sidney?" : P

It shouldn't be too hard to spot him; if you're familiar with our snazzy little captain, you know he's been seen sporting bright yellow Crocs a time or two. See him now??? : P It's not hard with those shoes, but I STILL love the guy!!!! I think he could wear a pink wig everyday and I'd still be madly in love with him - the little cutie!!!! ; )

STAY TUNED FOR "Crosby Picture(s) of the Week" later on (I've been slow these past couple of days - SORRY!)!! : P


Rebel Heart said...

This just brightened my day!!
I`m stuck in a kind of crappy sub assignment and I got the tweet and couldn`t help but look it up on my phone*

Love it!! Love him, Let`s Go Pens!!

Char said...

whyyy Sid whyyyy?!!

i hate crocs. If i ever meet him, i am stealing these crocs and burning them(though if Stephanie asks nicely, I might give them to her, if she swears never to wear them)

Stephanie said...

You guys -- I LOVE YOU and you always seem to make my day!!!! So

@Rebelheart87 - I'm glad this post brightened your day and

@Char - I would say "pretty please, with Jordy on top" [don't tell Kena!] but would never even THINK about wearing those monsters!!! ; P

Jay said...

BAHAHAHA! I saw these pics on the Pens' website and thought THE EXACT SAME THING. He just sticks out with those damn yellow excuses for shoes. It just serves as a reminder that no body is perfect.

Ellen said...

hahaha I am so glad you made a post about it, when I saw it on the Pens website, I was thinking its not hard to spot Sid with his bright yellow crocs.
Made my day! :)

Ashlen said...

Aww Sid :)
I knew it the second,
& same! I'd marry him in whatever.

Char said...

@stephanie. hahahaha did i tell you(i may have mentioned it previously) that facebook keeps telling me to poke jords? I'm like I wish.. I wish.

Sunshine36616 said...

Another plus in my book, I love crocs!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Thanks for posting! Well, I guess Max has his sweaters and Sidney has his shoes, right? :-) Just another quirky thing to love about them.

Stephanie said...

@Staal1187Crosby -- VERY TRUE!!!

; )

Unknown said...

@char you should take them, maybe smell them a little. i do not support crocs. but i may support his. depends. :p