Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pens Annual Thanksgiving Food Distribution

Yesterday afternoon, Max Talbot, Jordan Staal, and Eric Godard (a turkey delivery regular) distributed turkey and "the fixings" for 100 families at the Bedford Dwellings Hope Center.

Staal bagged and handed out the turkeys, Godard passed out fruit and Talbot handed out milk and crackers.

It’s a great event and it puts a smile on your face,” Talbot said. “You definitely feel special to have the chance to do this. It’s nice being here. “Every time you have the chance, it’s nice getting out there and helping people. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s really great for the team to have a chance to do this.”

“There’s a ton of people behind the scenes doing all the work, getting all the food and setting all this stuff up,” Godard said. “They make it easier for us to show up and spend some time here. It’s good. The real thanks goes to the people behind the scenes.“It’s good. It’s always nice to come up and help. Everyone wants to have a good a Thanksgiving. I feel good that they invited us to help out.”

“It’s something that a lot of the guys have done before. This is my first time,” Staal said. “They always said it was really rewarding. It was nice to get out in the community and give back.”


Maureen said...

So great.... I love seeing them out in the community giving back!

msd said...

I'm more impressed by Eric Godard all the time. His quote for this was so nice. Giving the credit where it belongs, and thanking them for inviting the Penguins to come. This and his visit to the Childerns Institute by himself really speaks well to what kind of man he is.