Thursday, November 5, 2009

He's the Ultimate Endorser
could probably sell ice to an Eskimo)

It was announced in a press release at the beginning of last month that Sid together with Kellogg's is encouraging Canadians to include more fiber in their diets.
National hockey star, Sidney Crosby, gives us a glimpse of what's under his jersey as he gears up for the season. The acclaimed athlete and 2009 Stanley Cup champion is backing a campaign by Kellogg's to encourage Canadians to score the body benefits of fibre, after a new survey reveals that we're not making the grade when it comes to fibre consumption. (CNW Group/Kellogg Canada Inc.)
"As an athlete, I know how important it is to eat well and get this powerhouse nutrient in your diet regardless of your age or your fitness levels,"said Sidney Crosby. "Fibre benefits far more than some may think: your heart, your digestive system, your weight, and your energy levels. It's hard to believe that something as simple as eating fibre can help your body in so many ways, yet we're not getting enough. That's why I'm excited to be supporting Kellogg's efforts to educate Canadians on scoring the body benefits of fibre."
SERIOUSLY, God bless Sidney (actually, He's already blessed him many times over)!!! But, think about it, he's approached to do all sorts of endorsements and he probably has to think of something nice / intelligent to say about each and every one he's involved in and COME ON - can you think of anything "wonderful" to say about fiber? The kid is amazing!!! ALTHOUGH, I don't see Sidney actually saying "powerhouse nutrient," so maybe someone writes up the thing and hands it to the endorsement company and says, "yeah - he said that." Still - it has his name on it!!!

I can honestly say I don't give a crap what Sid has to say about fiber, if it'll make my husband look that good, he's getting it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!!! LMAO!!!!! : P

The "shirt" Crosby is wearing is called "a second skin" (I would think that it means it was painted on his body, but it actually looks like it was painted on a shirt - COME ON, Sid!) and it's actually a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind according to the press release.


Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm so with you! If my boyfriend looked half as good as that I would make him eat that all the time! :)

Val said...

Yep, I will be sneaking fiber in to my hubby's stuff every chance I get :)

Love that second skin, as well!

Joyce said...

I just showed this to a co-worker, and although I am dating myself a little, she said "Mmmmm, the new Mr. Goodbody?"

Anonymous said...

Sidney Crosby, making fiber and intestines sexy. Who knew?

Char said...


i literally just yelled that at him. Even though he does have a pretty nice body from soccer :-)

Stephanie said...

You ladies are HILARIOUS (I'm actually chuckling to myself [quietly] at work!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

@Kristina H and @Val -- it can't hurt ; P

@Joyce - I vaguely remember Mr. Goodbody (I've already dated myself here - there are NO AGE LIMITS ON THIS BLOG - PERIOD!!)!!!! The new Mr. Goodbody - I LIKE THAT!!! Pretty catchy : )

@stoopidful - EXACTLY!!! ; )

@Char - I think I'll yell that at my husband when I get home tonight (see his reaction - he's KNOWS I'm a goofball); unfortunately, his body is thanks to recliner riding and the occasional beer, but I DO LOVE HIM!! ; )

Char said...

@stephanie haha yeah dan knows i'm a little off anyway. he just kinda looked at me and went "yeah ok." you have to let me know your husband's reaction!

Ashlen said...

Seeen it :)
Aw, he's so cute.
But your right, I'd by anything from him.

Joyce said...

Thanks Stephanie for the No age limit--I am also a female hockey fan who people tend to confuse with a stupid girl who knows nothing about sports. There have been times when I have been in on coversations with a group of guys and I know more player stats than they do, (and I can go waaaaayyy back also). I get the "Oh you really do know what you're talking about" remark all the time. The same goes for my sister who is a huge football fan. Also just wanted to let you know that I love your blog---I found it by accident when the Pens won the cup this year. I am originally from PGH but live in Maine now---so I don't always get the "current" Penguin news. Thanks for all your hard work!!!!!!

Staal1187Crosby said...

Sidney could easily (and maybe he already has and I've just never seen it?) also do a very good Milk commercial (the "it does a body good" ads).

I have a friend who works at Kellogg's who recently told me to let him know if I ever wanted a care package. Now I know what to ask for! :D