Monday, November 30, 2009

A Little Behind

SORRY, ladies -- I'm not talking about HP behind either!!!

It's me - I'm running a little behind (as you can tell) -- unfortunately during the holidays something always has to be set aside and as much as I tried yesterday, I had to forego the blogs and visit with family / friends for a SECOND Thanksgiving meal!! I enjoyed it immensely, but now I'm behind in my blogging which is the only negative with the situation.

As you realize, I didn't make good on my "promise" to make yesterday a "clean-up" day to post things that I've been putting on the back-burner because I didn't have as much time as I had originally thought, so I apologize!!!

I WILL GET THE STUFF UP SOMETIME TODAY even if it's later this evening - I will try to have it up (even the EC Eye Candy!)!!! I will also try to get pictures up of the calendar as well because I'm sure you're all anxiously waiting for those (SO CUTE!)!!

SO PLEASE BEAR WITH ME RIGHT NOW - sometimes it's hard for me to juggle everything at once and I drop a ball or two in the process (please be patient)!!!

THANKS - I appreciate your understanding!!! : )

[In the meantime, for your patience and never-ending loyalty, here's something to get you through until I get a chance to post (some "beef-cake" calendar pics I haven't had a chance to pic since readers have sent them -- I don't have time to post them all since I'm at work, but I will get to the rest of those soon too!! ENJOY!!!!]


Maureen said...

It's okay Stephanie, my addiction can wait a little bit... we know you have a life outside of HFTL.

I'm especially willing to let it slide since you posted the calendar pics.

Stephanie said...

THANKS Maureen!!! Unfortunately my "life outside of HftL" is work and not much exciting!! : ( Although visiting with family and friends is pretty important (and not miserable like work)!!

I'm hoping to make it worth everyone's while!!! ; )

Maureen said...

LOL... @ Stephanie

Yea... I know. my life outside of hockey is work and school, and they both suck in comparison. I finally changed my display name to something cooler than my real name.

Kick@$$ game on Saturday, what a great night to get a hat trick, as everyone THERE had a hat!

Char said...

I always think MAF looks like hes on crutches in that pic... haha.
but i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

Stephanie said...

@Char -- I do too!!!

Maureen said...

My favorite picture from the Penguins Calendar is the one of Jordan Staal. He just makes me drool... and it doesn't hurt that he happens to be on the month of OUR birthdays. We both have september b-days.

(oh... and it's still Maureen... just changed my name)

JustAWriter said...

Those pictures are great way to start my morning

Val said...

I'm with Maureen, I will let this slide because of those calendar pics :)

You are awesome, update when you can, and thanks for all you do!

~*Kiley said...

LOL @ Char -- I do too!!

I can definitely let it slide for the pics, Stephanie. You're awesome!

Allie said...

Very awesome pics! My fav is LETANG, his hair is so hot in that one! what month was that pic for?

Megan said...

i want that letang one..... ugh why didn't i go to that game? so hotttttttttttttttttt