Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Western Conference Hottie: Brad May (Detroit Redwings)

I can't believe what a ditz I am sometimes. He has his own website, but be forewarned, make sure the sound is turned down on your computer, because there's a really neat "May day" call on there. It's worth the click, to read (and hear) it.

I just simply feel like being a bad girl this week. So we're going to go with a very, VERY bad boy for our Western Conference hottie this week.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Well, what actually made him blip my radar again here recently was "this little incident," where his goal wasn't a goal. I'll be the first to admit that he really should have been able to keep that goal. It was in, and I didn't hear any whistle. And just for the record, "intent to blow" means something entirely different in my vocabulary than it does for the NHL officials. May is important to the sport of hockey in an entirely different way than a lot of people want to admit. He's spent 18 years in the league as an enforcer, and he's got 127 goals. Wake up NHL, there's more to hockey than Alex Obitchkin [yes, I miss-spelled that on purpose]. He's one of the bread and butter players that makes up the real meat of the NHL with a career that spans several teams. Drafted by the Sabers, he's had a stint with the Canucks, Coyotes, back to the Canucks, Aves, Ducks, Leafs and finally the Wings, where he is now.

Of interest in the 09/10 season - Recorded his first point as a Red Wing 11/11 at CBJ (assist)...Has six fighting majors this season - 10/8 vs CHI (Smolenak), 10/17 vs COL(McLeod), 10/27 at VAN (Glass), 11/11 at CBJ (Boll), 11/12 vs VAN (Rypien), 11/18 vs DAL (Barch).

He was a crowd favorite in Anaheim, and Detroit sure seems to like him. He's played in over 1,000 NHL games. He really and truly is a Bad Ass, (er... boy??) as he is famous, or infamous for several vicious incidents. I can especially recommend looking up his fights on YouTube, it's well worth the time.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: I realize that while looking at this guy the hormonal fluctuations cloud my brain and I find it easy to forget that he has played for (Satan's spawn) the Duck(lings) and he currently plays for (the land of evil) Red Wings. And still does play for the (I'm trying not to gag, as I write this) Wings. I know he does lots of children's charities (or did in his Duckling days), but I wasn't able to find particulars.

6'1 213lbs. Oddly titillating facial hair is currently being worn. What else is there to say? He does the "bad boy" look to a "T"!!! Curly hair, sexy grin. You can just see the devil dancing in his eyes and who doesn't fall for that? This is also one of the COOLEST things I've ever seen. (and OH, to have a husband like this, I want to kiss him for her!!!)

I e-mailed you last year following the Dallas Stars Game when Brad went toe to toe with Barch 1/15/08. My wife loves Brad so much and he was such a bad a-- in that fight that I walked down to the team store and bought his game worn sweater between periods for $600 and gave it to my wife. He was on fire that night. See the sweater now once I told him when we got it, he personalized it for Susan.

The photo of the aforementioned "personalized" jersey is on THIS LINK, along with some other stories that will just make you swoon. I'm making it REQUIRED reading ladies, so I expect reports [just kidding]. The fight is required watching too. It. Is. Epic.


Maureen said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... something about a bad boy that gets my pulse moving! I think my drool shorted out my keyboard Stephanie, I'll be billing you for it! ;-).

Thanks... and what a great way to whet my appetite for dinner tomorrow.

Stephanie said...

Although I'd love to take complete credit for this one, I have to tell you it's all Kena's doing (she's "in charge" of the WC for HftL!)!!

I have to agree with you though!!Isn't he sexy?!!! ; )

Maureen said...


that works... I'll bill Kena for my new keyboard. He's providing a great work distraction for me today. :-) And the required reading is definitely enjoyable.

Val said...

Oh what a pretty bad boy, though!

Oh, and my word for verification is "horiess" :)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

@ Maureen, checks in the mail. (The prices we pay in damaged computer equipment for drooling on hot hockey players. LOL!!!!)

I can't believe what a ditz I am sometimes. He has his own website, but be forewarned, make sure the sound is turned down on your computer, because there's a really neat "May day" call on there. It's worth the click, to read (and hear) it.

Maureen said...

@ Kena... Thanks! LOL... I know, I can't believe I haven't shorted my computer out yet.

Thanks for you ladies do for this blog. Kena, did you get your J.Staal wallpaper? I'm working on a Brenden Morrow one for you.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

@ Maureen, the wallpaper (I love it, it's awesome!!) is on "rotation" I have a program that changes my wallpaper every so often.

and THANK YOU for reading and commenting on this blog. Without the readers, it's just "noise" on the internet, but you who read it, make it something special.

and farther more, for the record, Stephanie gets far more credit, than I do. She's the one that makes it what it is. I'm just the tag-along.

therealthingx31 said...

*falls off chair*
he is lovely ;)
*gets back up*
epicccccc fighter too i will say

Meli said...

I do love him and I'm happy he's on the wings!! :)

He has really taken to Abby (Justin Abdelkader) and has been working with him after practices teaching him how to get in a fight. I haven't found a link of it online yet, if I do, I'll post it, but it's funny seeing them in such deep discussion while they wrestle with one another!