Thursday, November 19, 2009

He's not too proper to use the 'F' word!
(on the ice, that is; although, I'm sure he uses it off the ice too!)

During one of the games (I think it was the Boston game that I only got to catch a few minutes of the third), I caught a glimpse of Crosby while he was in the penalty box along with Matt Cooke who was talking to him and Crosby ended the conversation by "mouthing" a subtle little "F" bomb! It was so "matter-of-fact" the way he did it, but being as "polished" as the kid is, I LOVE to see him do vulgar things like that -- IDK why - it's probably the fact I love to see him be HUMAN / BAD. Who knows, who cares? -- Sid's the shit!!! : P

He LOVES kids
(this reason may have been discussed already, but who cares? I love this story and wanted to share and it's MY list, so I'll list it 50 more times if I want!!!)!!! ; P

This story comes from one of our HftL readers - THANKS BUNCHES, Maureen!!!

Just wanted to share this little story, another reason to love Sidney!

I went to the game a few weeks ago against the Montreal Canadiens, and it was a great game, Sid got a Hat Trick, and the Pens did well. The best part came after the game though. When they announced the 3 stars of the game, of course Sid was one of them. When they called him as "Number One Star", he came out for his customary crowd wave. Leaning over the rail on the runway of section A21 (where the players come out from) was a young kid, probably about 6 or 7, he was leaning over the bar in hopes of getting a high 5 from Sid, but of course our capitan did one better. As he went to the runway, he lifted his stick into the young boys hands, for the coolest game souvenir. The look of joy on that little kids face was so cool, and Sid just played it cool, high fived him and went back to the locker room.

I have to say, it made me smile! I know that it was probably "nothing much" for Sid, but he made that kids night! What a great example, respecting and appreciating the fan base.

Anyway... just thought I'd share that!

WE'RE VERY GLAD YOU DID, Maureen!!! : )

He carried the Olympic torch

I couldn't let this week go by without including this on the list - HOW COULD I?!!! This is such an honor and Sid accepted it / carried it out graciously, as always!!

WATCH THE VIDEO (from the Penguins webpage)


Maureen said...

Gotta say... that torch carrying was SO cool!!!!

Jane said...

I was just talking about Sid's classiness with my husband this morning! A few weeks ago, I took my son to the Penguins store inside the Mellon Arena to pick out a new shirt. When we exited, some of the players were leaving practice. I let my son watch over the railing (like it wasn't a treat for me, too!), and while nearly every player headed straight for their cars, Sid walked across the lot to the huge crowd of fans that were hanging out seeking autographs. He stuck around until every last person had gotten a piece of the Crosby pie-- even while some very official dudes were waiting for Sid at his car, checking their watches and rolling their eyes. I thought that was super sweet.
And I also love it whe Sid swears and fights, btw. It's so out of character and hott! <3

bozakattack42 said...

haahaha i love seeing him drop the Eff bomb. i saw Tanger do it a few times last year like after he scored that insane goal against new york my home theater caught him say "fucken rights!" my love for him grew more after that xD

and the torch bearing thing is freaking awesome! My dad got to do it as well for the Military base he works for last week! :)