Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 NHL Entry Draft (Round 1)

Just updating you on what's occurred so far with this year's draft  - the top 10 picks (I've linked the names with Maureen's posts if she wrote one up them).
  1. Taylor Hall, LW (Edmonton Oilers)
  2. Tyler Seguin, C (Boston Bruins)
  3. Erik Gudbranson, D (Florida Panthers)
  4. Ryan Johansen, C (Columbus Blue Jackets)
  5. Nino Niederreiter, RW (New York Islanders)
  6. Brett Connolly, RW (Tampa Bay Lightning)
  7. Jeff Skinner, C (Carolina Hurricanes)
  8. Alexander Burmistrov, C (Atlanta Thrashers)
  9. Mikael Granlund, C/W (Minnesota Wild)
  10. Dylan McIlrath, D (New York Rangers)
Oh, and did I mention that Sid is in attendance dressed in purple (O-M-G!!!  Making purple look Sax-yyy!)!!


Cookiesworld said...

I guess they make him wear an ID badge in case no one recognizes him :)

Hotaru1787 said...

I cropped Sid out of the pic and immediately printed up. Black and white, but still doesn't take away from his hotness! :)