Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pens to Hold "Student Flush" at CONSOL Energy Center

It is commonly known that plumbing in new [larger] buildings such as the CONSOL Energy Center and all stadiums and arenas must undergo a test to make sure the urinal and toilet pumps can handle the water flow (I learned about it back when they built Heinz Field and my husband explained it to me!).

Well, the Pens organization thought it would be fun to make it an event involving fans making up an important part of the market for their very popular "Student Rush."

On Thursday, June 10th at 4:00 PM, 125 students along with a friend as well as 200 representatives from the companies involved in the building of the new arena (PJ Dick Hunt and McKamish) for a total of 400 participants will be simultaneously flushing the toilets at the new arena ... thus the "Student Flush" promotion.

LUCKY students participating in the "Student Flush" will receive a free t-shirt featuring the event logo on the front and a current or former Penguins player’s name and number on the back --- how cool is that?!!!

Phil Bourque will be on hond to emcee the event along with Iceburgh for entertainment and the organization will provide pizza and beverages for participants after the event.
“I don’t know that anyone has ever done a promotion around the required simultaneous flushing of the toilets in a new facility, but we thought we could have some fun with it,” said David Morehouse, president of the Penguins. “Students make up such a large part of our fan base that we thought we’d offer them a chance to participate and help us out. People probably don’t even know that this is a requirement, but you have to do it once in every new arena.”
For more information and to learn how to enter (must be a local Pittsburgh student age 18 or older), CLICK HERE to visit the Penguins webpage!


Unknown said...

When the new BOK arena opened in Tulsa 2 yrs ago, they did the same thing. Lots of school kids, flushing toilets & urinals at the same time. The kids seemed to have a blast.

Stephanie said...

I think its cool that they're involving the fans (even though that I never seem to be a part of any of the groups they get to participate!)!! ; P

Its great PR and keeps the younger fans happy (thus creating a fan for life) ... they're thinking of the team's future sales, etc., which is a great marketing strategy!!!

THANKS for sharing that ... the Pens article actually mentions something about no knowing if any organization has done it before ... COOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw too bad I don't live in the Pittsburgh area, or I so would've done it! I'd tell my parents, "I'm going to Pittsburgh to flush toilets for the Pens" :)

Staal1187Crosby said...

This is too funny!!! ;-) I'll have to flush my own toilet at the same time in solidarity.