Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Western Conference Hottie: Derick Brassard (Columbus Blue Jackets)

Since Kena has been a BUSY little bee lately clocking in some OT hours, she hasn't been able to work much on her posts (such a shame really ... I don't think she's been able to get in her "daily allowance" of hotness - it could become serious!), so this week Maureen has been kind enough to cover the WCH for us ... we're hoping Kena gets lots of rest soon so she can get back to what she does best and take the WCH reigns back!!!  THANKS Maureen and WE MISS YOU Kena!!

Columbus OH isn’t known as a hockey hotbed, but Blue Jackets hockey is a little hotter thanks to Derick Brassard. The 6’1”, 190 Centerman hails from Hull, Qubec, and is said to be a “great playmaker that can score as well”. He was selected 6th overall in the 2006 entry draft by the Blue Jackets. He tore up the ice while playing for the Jackets AHL affiliate, The Syracuse Crunch, even while a broken jaw had him on the bench for 7 weeks. January 10th 2008 saw Brassard’s first scene in The Big Show. After he logged 2 points, (1G, 1A) in 17 games, he slipped quietly back to Syracuse, but he wasn’t done in the NHL.

Brassard logged extra time in the offseason with the Jackets training staff, trying to get into peak shape for the start of the 2008-2009 season. [Oh to be a fly on the wall of that training facility…. hockey players, working out in the summer, sweating and shirtless because of the heat… GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!] His dedication and extra paid off when he made the team out of training camp. [And when you look at that body… OOOOH YEA] He didn’t disappoint, he earned Rookie of the Month in October, 2008 for his play. Brassard says he can probably improve on his shooting most, maybe his physicality. [I’m sure I could help him on the physicality side… STOP MAUREEN…control yourself!] He also notes that he’s been slow to mature physically, always being on the smaller side and needing to do some extra work for his strength and size. [Not sure I agree, but okay… ]

At only 22 years old, Brassard’s game is still young. His coaches believe that he can become a steady playmaker, centering the second or third line. It’s undecided if he’ll develop into a powerplay figure, but his ability to make the right passes and communicate with his teammates is valuable in any game situation. He is especially good at anticipating both the movement of the puck and of his teammates, so he can make plays that take the opposition by surprise. Playing with guys like Rick Nash has already helped him step up his all around game. In September of 2009, the Jackets signed him to a 4 year extension, so Columbus hockey fans will have plenty of time to see him mature and grow into his game. And of course, 4 more years of watching this hottie melt ice and hearts in the Buckeye state isn’t a bad thing for hockey either.

Derick was born on September 22, 1987 in Ottawa. While growing up in Hull, Quebec, just across the Outaouais, he showed a penchant for hockey early in life. His father played for the Cornwell Royals and was drafted by the Canadiens in the 1970’s. He put a hockey stick in Derick’s hands at the age of 2. Derick says that his family is one of the biggest reasons that he developed into the quality of hockey player he did, and credits them with everything from making sure he always had the right equipment to getting him to every early morning practice and weekend game.

His sense of community and giving back is already evident, even at such a young age. His group “Brassard’s Buddies” teams up with Big Brother/Big Sisters of Central Ohio, and has provided tickets for both kids and their mentors to Blue Jackets games.

Two things that you may not know about him:

He is still more comfortable speaking in French than English. When he was drafted in 2006, he had a hard time with English, but it’s gotten better the longer he’s been in Columbus.

He’s single! He’s only had one serious relationship, but it was his first year after being drafted, and it just didn’t work out. He says that dating isn’t his first priority, but he’s keeping his eyes open.


Joyce said...

Oh my, he's cute. And, he can speak French to me anytime!!!!!

lizagirl84 said...

wow good job maureen my hearts a racing. hot hot hot. i love these french canadiens keep up the good work.

Maureen said...

Thanks Ladies, it was fun to dabble in another echelon of hotness!

Jane said...

NICE! I'll be looking for more of him when the season starts! ; )

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