Thursday, June 24, 2010

He was the Recipient of this Year's
"Rocket" Richard and
Mark Messier Leadership Awards
(and looked pretty FINE "receiving" them!)!!!

[PS -- a little "backstory" - I forgot to tell you guys ... I didn't actually get to watch the Awards last night ... my power went out RIGHT BEFORE it started and didn't come back on until they announced / presented the Hart ... talk about SUCKING ASS!]

Sid didn't go home empty-handed at the Awards last night, per se, even though he didn't win any of the [NHL] ones he's was officially nominated for.  He did earn the Maurice "Rocket" Richard trophy tying with Steven Stamkos for most goals scored this season (a total of 51) as well as the Mark Messier Leadership Award.

We all know Sid was ROBBED last night (well his FANS know he was robbed last night!)!!  I have no problem with Henrik Sedin receiving the Hart (thats not my gripe - I don't watch him enough to argue the point between he and Sid); however, Sid's votes amounted to a third-place finish BEHIND OVI?!!  IDK ... I smell some bullshit here ... let me see ... what spectacular achievements did OVI have this season (aside from his not getting past the first round AGAIN because that doesn't count since votes are submitted prior to the post-season)???  I guess its pretty incredible that his team finished first in the Eastern Conference, but I really don't think that should count either because that's a TEAM effort so anything else OVI achieved on his own merit this season??  I'm sorry, but I can't think of anything (but I'm sure the Caps fans will remind me here soon enough!)!!

And what did Sid do?  Well, as always, he worked on his weaknesses and got better at them.  For instance, he was the co-recipient of the Rocket Richard trophy (along with Steven Stamkos) because his goal was to shoot more and be a better goal-scorer ... he achieved that goal with flying colors!  In that sense, he even beat out OVI at what OVI is best at ... scoring!!   In fact, every season Sid achieves all the goals he's ever set out to accomplish and if that doesn't take "Hart" then I don't know what does!!!! 

So my question is ... HOW THE HELL DOES OVI CONTINUE TO BEAT SID OUT OF EVERYTHING IN THIS LEAGUE???!!!!!!!!!  I just don't and won't understand it and it will continue to puzzle me forever (just another one of those Lemieux / Gretzy debates even though I truly believe that this debate is a little more obvious!)!!

So keep doing what you're doing, Sid, because I will always believe (and so will all of Pittsburgh Penguins nation) that you are the better player!!  Until OVI proves to me otherwise by being something other than a one-dimensional player, I will always believe that which earns Sid the "Hearts" of fans everywhere!!! ; )


lizagirl84 said...

so agree with you he was robbed. i called my husband who was at work last night and only really watches the pens so knows little about the other teams. i said sid just lost to a sedin twin and he went who? i said one of the ginger twins. i was so mad he lost to ovi for the lindsay. ovi was so full of himself last night i couldnt stand it. ok call down he did win the rocket but... we present it to him on a red carpet not on stage so he can thank people. he was robbed. but we ladies. werent he was looking mighty fine. i think this highway robbery will just get sidney to work harder and blow everyone out of the water next season.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, about Sid being robbed and always behind ovie. But you know what? hockey is a team sport. At the end of the day the goal is to win as a team. And in that case, ovie has always come behind Sid...World Juniors, Stanley Cup, Olympics. Sid has it all and Ovie has nothing. yeah so ovie gets the individual awards (which he probably pays someone for every year) but Sid is a team player and I'd take that over an individual player any day. He deserved the Messier SO much!!
Also, I just want to point our how much I actually hated the award show last night. the host was pretty funny at the beginning with all the jokes, but for the most part it was lame. I hate that they try to make it all "hollywood" with "celebrity presenters" I think the awards should be held in NHL cities (a different one every year) and the awards should be presented by past winners, hockey legends, and even players from today. It should be all about the hockey. More highlights and less music performances.
and lastly (I'm sorry this is so long, i just haven't gotten to talk to anyone about all this lol) Sid was looking AMAZING last night. the boy does a suit soooo good! Love Love Love HIM!

Stephanie said...

Just LOVING that you guys are eager to talk about the awards especially since i didn't get a chance to see them myself!!

I appreciate the comments, don't mind the length ... discussion is always a good thing!!


Sid does make a suit look good, doesn't he?!!! YUM-MY!!!

Katie said...

It's because the league is so far up Ovie's behind they can't see anyone else as being better. Ovie has beaten/robbed Sid of how many awards for the past how many years. It's not right but there's nothing we can do it about. Though I did see that the Flyers players even voted that Sid should have beaten him...coming from the Flyers that says a lot. HA!

Unknown said...

something ovechkin achomplished this year was getting suspended. oh and suffering a humiliating lost to canada at the olympics (i know its not the NHL but still) its not fair ovechkin won - his team came in first (they were a pretty damn good team it wasnt just ovechkin) ugh this frusturates me.

Lexi said...

The hart isn't about the playoffs or the olympics so an argument about why Sid should have won it can't be he led his team past the first round/won a gold medal and Ovechkin collapsed against montreal/lost before medal round in the olympics. (and coincidentally, Sid and co collapsed against Montreal as well) And Ovie is a great player, as is Sid and Sedin. Ovie plays a totally different style then Sid and in the playoffs, he is exposed and kinda sucks. But in the regular season, he's a beast. While maybe Sid should have won this year, I can't be mad that Sedin won because he had a great season. And I can't be mad if Ovechkin won because he had a great season too.

And when it comes down to it- ask any player in the NHL and I can guarantee you that they would rather have the Stanley Cup then the Hart Trophy any day. So why is everyone freaking out over it??

Anonymous said...

I don't get it either. The sad thing is that the winner of the Lindsay is chosen by the members of the NHL Players Association. Leading the League in suspensions isn't being the most valuable to your team, and I'd have thought the players would know that.
Not fair, but the only thing we can do about it is watch Sid go past the first round of the playoffs, and beat up some Washington butt on Jan 1st.
Go Sid!!

lizagirl84 said...

@emily8758 so agree with you i wrote the same thing on the pensblog today concerning the awards show hockey legends and hall of famers as presenters i said this a hockey awards show what the heck do the goo goo dolls have to do with hockey?

Maureen said...

I wanted Sid to win, but we in Pittsburgh know how much he's done for our team. We don't need a trophy to prove what an effective part of the Penguins he is.

Maureen said...

Oh, the best part of the awards last night... Since Stephanie had no power, I was texting her play by plays! lol!

NicoletteRambling said...

Longtime reader, first time commenter (:
While watching the Awards show, when he didn't win the Ted Lindsey Award, especially losing it to Ovi, was difficult (I mean, how can someone be an MVP when you've got suspended more then once in a season, like common sense people).
For the Hart, I think that Sedin deserved it (at least more the Ovi did).
But, when I saw the voting this morning, I was quite upset. It seems that for all that he does for his team, and being the poster-boy for the League, he doesn't always get the recognition he deserves.
What has been said so many times, who's the the one with a Stanley Cup, World Junior Gold, and Olympic Gold? Not Ovi. I think at the in the case for the NHLPA voting, they're almost, I think, jealous of the press, and recognition he gets. But sometimes I don't think they understand the type of pressure he faces. Sure, every player has lots of pressure, but the bar for Sid is set so much higher. In the case for the Hart, Ovi and Sedin wouldn't be where they were this season without their linemates. Backstrom for Ovi, and the the two Sedin's. I mean no offense for the linemates that Sid had, but he had a great season even though he didn't have as much secondary scoring help.
He didn't go home empty handed though, we can't forget. He won (co-won) the Rocket Richard Trophy, which means he beat out Ovi at what he's best at (other then getting suspended and crumbling under the playoffs and Olympics), scoring. And, he won the Mark Messier Award, which shows what a great leader he is!
He'll work at something this summer (which I think should be not get as many slashing penalties, that seems to be one of his weak spots). And he'll come back next season, with a new arena, and blow everyone away! (:

Terry said...

I am really disappointed the the League promotes Sid so much that people don't vote for him when he deserves it. I don't mind Henrik winning the Hart so much, but Ovi has no business near it. I think Sid broke him at the Olympics anyway. I wonder what his season is going to be like next year. I'm so happy for him winning the Messier. That award was MADE for him!! Congrats Sid!!