Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week ("HCF Celebrity Classic Gala" Edition)

It really is annoying with it being "feast of famine" with Sid pics ... it really is!!! 

I made a joke on my FB status the other day that I've changed my profile pic more within the past week than I have since I joined because there's just been SO MANY good pics of him lately ... he's just so HOT!!!

Anyway, yesterday Teams Canada Champs were presented with their rings at the HCF Celebrity Classic Gala that was part of the Hockey Canada "Canada Celebrates" event in Edmonton  and these are just some of the pics from the event.  Let's just say its my little gift to you for being late with the post today (because I know you all look forward to these pics as much as I do!)!!!  ENJOY!!!


lizagirl84 said...

a wow a double dose of sidney oh your too good to us steph. look at sid's face when that female hockey player shoving her ring in his face i think she just wanted to touch...and uh who could blame her.

Staal1187Crosby said...

Nice! I didn't even know they were getting rings for winning the gold.