Thursday, June 17, 2010

Flyers' Briere and Young Son Involved in Car Accident

NBC Philadelphia is reporting that Danny Briere and his son, Cameron, were involved in a car accident with a tractor-trailer early this morning (about 12:30 AM).

Both Briere and his son survived and have been released after being taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries.  According to police, Briere said he was "a little drowsy; he was ticketed for an unsafe lane change.

Briere issued a statement through the Flyers webpage expressing his appreciation for the concern but asks that the media respects his privacy:
“I was in a car accident in New York," said Briere. "I was driving home to visit family and friends back in Canada when I got into an accident [Wednesday] night. My youngest son (Cameron) and I are both okay. We are doing fine.”


~*Kiley said...

I hate the Flyers, but I'm really glad Danny and his son are alright. This is why I'm terrified to drive around giant trucks.

Zigh said...

I agree with Kiley. They're so fortunate that it wasn't worse then it was... any accident you hear about with a tractor trailer is terrifying.

Julie said...

I'm glad that they're okay. I love Daniel Briere!

Jane said...

Glad to hear they are okay!

Joyce said...

I have travelled that area of highway numerous times when I go back to Pgh to visit my family---it is quite treacherous and if he was drowsy------seriously----he should have known better. I'm glad they are both okay, but he should have taken a break. Tractor trailers DO NOT give and inch---some of them make me crazy when driving--I have seen them making cell phone calls, eating, and weaving all over the road and they always blame "car drivers" for accidents. Sorry for the ramble---I truely and glad Danny and his son are okay----this could have been WAY worse!!!!!