Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crosby Picture of the Week

First off, I'd like to admit I'm addicted to tumblr ... (the first step to recovery is recognizing you have an addiction!)!!  I swear I could waste an ENTIRE DAY on that site (and yesterday, I DID!)!!  I also discovered that ...
tumblr + hockey = my new DRUG
so, needless to say, I'm in BIG trouble!!

Anyway, I mention tumblr because its where I found this awesome cartoon which is really not a picture, per se (I used one of Sid's FAV words there!!), but it's off-season and we can't expect much!! ; )

I still think it's appropriate for today's Sid pic (even if it is a little "old").  According to sparker202 (tumblr page I found this on), it was in the paper the night before the Pens won the Cup last year ... it depicts Sidney Crosby and Darrell Dexter (Nova Scotia Premier) who won the election to become the first NDP Premier of Nova Scotia AND is also from Cole Harbour.

by Bruce MacKinnon

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