Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crosby Pictures of the Week

Sid and Shea Weber (Nashville Predators)

Now you KNOW that this weeks pics are all about Sid decked out in lavendar because ... I am all about him in that lavendar and I just can't seem to get enough of looking at him in it (HOT, HOT, HAAAWT!)!!  ; P 

And I know most of you have probably seen the majority of these, but I'M SORRY ... I just can't help myself with him in lavendar ... that is DEFINITELY his color!!!  A friend of mine mentioned that she's always thought that real men can pull off wearing shades of pink / purple ... and we all know Sid is a real man (at least I DO!)!! : D

So ENJOY ladies (better late than never!)!!


Anonymous said...

This morning I was sad and depressed cause it's cold and rainy out, and all my friends ditched me for work so I have nothing to do.
This made it all better!
Lavender Sid...I think it's my favourite. He's definitely right up there will Team Canada red Sid and all sweaty and intense with no helmet Sid.

lizagirl84 said...

oh yes i have seen these but truly who doesnt want to see them again and again. that color is so hot on him and that pic where he is pursin his lips oh my i'm blushing over here. i love tuesdays for this reason

@ emily if like sid in canada red check ou the pics from yesterdays ring ceremony truly delicious they are.
thanx to steph for making my day again.

Stephanie said...

FUNNY you should mention that, ladies, because as my gift to you (for being late with today's pics), I posted pics of yesterday's ceremony and he's looking mighty fine in Canada red!!!

I'm glad we can make your day better @emilyy8758!!!

; )

Terry said...

Oh my, it's like my birthday!! Thanks for these. He's the most beautiful man and not just because he's so handsome either!

Anonymous said...

@Stephanie you made it even better with the Canada pics...i wish there was video..I've been searching but can't find anything. apparently it was televised?!

gilld22 said...

We don't mind looking at the pics over and over again, they are worth looking at. He is one hot piece of stuff!! (Am I allowed to have these thoughts now that I am a Mummy???)

Stephanie said...

OF COURSE you're allowed to have those thought, Gill ... just like when you get married, you don't shut off that part of you that finds men attractive when you become a mother (it's perfectly acceptable!)!! ; )

lizagirl84 said...

@ gill i have those thoughts everyday and guess what my husband knows about me and my crosby obsession and he thinks its hilarious ya know why because its harmless and he is secure man

Cat said...

Oh wooooooow..... those lips are just too much!!! Mmmm, such naughty, naughty thoughts they inspire! You made some people's day, but you have made my night! ;)