Friday, June 25, 2010

Pittsburgh's First Round Draft Pick - Beau Bennett

“Beau has put together one of the best rookie seasons in BCHL history. His offensive instincts are in a class of their own.” -- Benticton Vees GM and head coach Fred Harbinson

I believe more and more that it's an unwritten rule that anyone the Penguins organization acquires through trade or draft must be attractive!!  This kid is gorgeous!!



Anonymous said...

Good pick I would say. Will definitely fit in with the pens, look-wise.
How old is he? 17? 18? please say at least he'll be 19 this year, so it's not creepy when I say he is hot.

Stephanie said...

He's actually 18, so not 19, but still legal!! ; P

lizagirl84 said...

oh my gosh i heard about him a couple weeks ago when theyn were talking about pens prospect. and when they said his name i was like oh yeah. anyway did ya ladies sid sitting at the pens table looking all hot in his laavender shirt. my sisters freind and i were like screamin at the tv stand up i wanna see that nice ass. because i beleive at the awards the other night he purposely wore that long suit coat to cover it. dont hide it honey its one of your best assets.
aanyway cant wait what else shero pulls out of his hat today.

Terry said...

I completely agree with you Stephanie, there has to be a hotness prerequiste to be a Penguin!!! That is exactly the first thing I thought when I saw him -- he'll fit right in.

Hotaru1787 said...

liza- hahaha! I only saw the pics of Sid! Gorgeous!

As for Beau, I say welcome to Pens City!!! :)

staalzielover11 said...

omg when i first seen beau and the other california kid being interviewed i was like DANG is he hot!! and then when i heard his name come out of ray sheros mouth, i was like YES!! another hottie to add to our list!! lol