Tuesday, October 7, 2008

5 MORE Things You May Not Know About Sidney

Or so Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.com says (I've heard some of these before; I'm sure you have too)!
  1. He plays with an almost-straight hockey stick.

    "Yeah, it's gotten pretty straight over the last couple of years," Crosby said. "It's been a combination of wanting to make sure I have a strong backhand and then also keep it as simple as possible because it's wood and it's difficult to make it the same every time. But it's almost getting out of hand, it's so straight. I think it's a [Rocket] Richard pattern or something. It's pretty straight."
  2. He has a bad sense of direction.

    "Worst on the team, for sure," Crosby says with a laugh. "Maybe the worst in the league. I remember my second year in the league, I was still asking for directions to the airport. I'd been on like 20 road trips and still not figured it out." [could you just imagine Sidney pulling up to you asking for directions? I'd be like, let me hop in and I'll be happy to take you! And I'm not from Pittsburgh and don't frequent the airport so I would have no idea where I'd be taking him.]
  3. He's not in any fantasy sports pools.

    "Nope, I'm not in any," Crosby said. "In junior, I used to be in hockey pools and stuff like that, but I'm not involved in any of that stuff. I don't know why; it never caught on for me. I'm not really into it."
  4. Football has become his favorite sport aside from hockey (thanks to the Steelers)

    "That's tough. I've watched a lot of football now. I've probably gotten into football more than anything, with the Steelers. We get a lot of Sundays off and spend a lot of Sundays watching the games."
  5. Certain teammates say he isn't any good at video games

    "No, I'm good," Crosby insisted. "I'm sure my teammates said I wasn't, they're trying to throw me under the bus, for sure. They know I'm competitive and I hate hearing that."


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"I would have no idea where I'd be taking him"

I'll bet you could think of "somwhere" to take him.

Re: #3 - My sports fantasies DO NOT include leagues. (Besides it's hard enough keeping up with what's happening in the real world, let alone a virtural one)

Re: #4 - Ah, curled up on the couch watching football WITH SID!!! Now there's a "fantasy" for you.

Lauren said...

As a Pittsburgh native (who is unfortunately, temporarily transplanted in Cleveland for the purpose of graduate school), I would take it as my civic responsibility to make sure Siddo made it safely to the airport...if there happened to be a "pit stop" on the way, so be it. :)

The funny part of all that is that Sewickley, where Sidney lives with the Lemieux's is not too far from the airport at all and it's actually fairly simple to get to lol (not that I'm in any way judging - my sense of direction isn't always the greatest either)

Sam said...

Hehe, I feel the same as you with the giving him directions [I live in Ontario, Canada and I've never been to Pittsburgh so he'd probably find it faster himself than with the help of moi.]

Oh and with the video games, jeez he's such a guy, playing the games then admitting that he's good! =]

Ashlen said...

I already knew EVERYTHING in there, ahaha ; ) He changed his stick the other night though!