Wednesday, October 29, 2008

American Dream

A few weeks back I came across another Crosby fanfic blog, American Dream, after looking into some new HftL followers.

To my surprise, when I went to read it, the blogger posted that she was no longer going to continue writing the blog and felt that since she did not have any followers that somehow she couldn't compete with the other fanfic blogs. It made me a little bit sad to see someone give up on something they appear to enjoy so I decided to send Gill an e-mail trying to encourage her to think about taking a break, but not giving it up totally.

Since then I've come to know Gill a little bit (she's from Perth, Scotland-how cool is a Pens fan from the UK?!!) and she has acquired some new followers. She also continues to write her Crosby fanfic, American Dream, and just recently posted a generous "thank you" to me and a few others. It was very heartfelt and I was just so tickled that she would think to post something like that on her site since she could've easily sent me an e-mail just as simply!

I would also like to convey something to all of you that I have to Gill and a few other bloggers: I feel that it's important for us bloggers, especially female bloggers, to stick together and help each other out -- it makes our community stronger and allows everyone to find their niche and growth in it. I enjoy writing (and "researching") for my blogs and realize how important others' support has meant to me so I try to provide it to others. I try to "pay it forward" when I can (someone supports me, I support someone else, and so on --) and encourage all of you to do the same thing!!

So if you guys have a free minute, stop over to read American Dream (it's one of the better fanfics and I would group her in with the very talented Lauren's Heart and Soul when it comes to fanfics!)!! I enjoy it very much.

Thank YOU, Gill (keep up the good work)!!


gilld22 said...

Thank you so much for that Stephanie, you have no idea how much it means to me!!

Lauren said...

I agree, Stephanie. I'm glad to see Gill is writing again. When I started writing, I did it because I thought it was fun and it was something I really enjoyed, not because of what other people thought. Rock on, Stephanie and Gill!

Val/stovgirl said...

Hey Stephanie, do you think you could add Gill's story to your favorite fanfic section. That way people can get to it even after the article has been archived. Love your blog, love Kena, love it all, and your support of other bloggers makes me brave enough to come on here and make my sweet lauren, whose fanfic is one of my favorites says "rock on..."

Stephanie said...

Val -- I'm gonna try!! My blog list hasn't been working for the past few days and I haven't been able to fix it - the add/edit buttons are missing (I did explain this to Gill too because I promised her I would do it already). I'm going to try something out tomorrow to see if it works. THANKS for your comments & nice compliments (feel free to post anytime)!!

Elodie said...

Hi! this is my first post! Thanks for linking Gils story...I just started checking out this blog...Laurens story is so wonderful too...Thanks so much! I hope I did this right.