Thursday, October 23, 2008

And MORE Videos!

As I've said, I received such a great response from alot of HftL readers about the Pittsburgh Penguins FSN Commercials and I continue to get e-mails from all of you who want to share various videos.

Traci was nice enough to let me know she has the Max Talbot interview with Stan Savran I previously mentioned [HERE] on this blog.

She also has video of other current FSN half-hour specials (Under the Lights, Sid's In My Own Words), so I'll share the link with you guys too so we all can enjoy!!

THANKS again, Traci!

Again, I can't thank everyone enough for all the messages I've been receiving and how much I appreciate your being so willing to share!! Keep it coming (I enjoy this very much)!!

1 comment:

KD said...

I have been DVRing Savran on SportsBeat every night in hopes of catching this episode on a rerun!

Totally made my day!! :)