Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hockey 'N Heels Club

I've noticed this on the Penguins site for the past couple of weeks and just now realized that it would be something perfect to post here (sometimes I'm slow, ladies, bear with me!)!!

Last year was the first time that the Penguins hosted the "Hockey 'N Heels" event and since they felt it was such a success, they're doing it again this season in addition creating an exclusive club.

I considered it last year, but didn't go. Did any of you go? I would love to hear about it, if so!

Anyway, you're still able to purchase a ticket for a single "event" but the club includes a little bit more. Here's the info (and if you want more or decide you want to purchase a ticket or become a member, visit the Pens webpage):

Exclusive Club Membership
Cost: $1,225.00

  • One (1) game ticket in the Club Level Seating for three (3) games which includes event ticket, event premium item and buffet dinner
  • Locker Room Tour
  • On-Ice Demonstrations with the opportunity to sit in the Penalty Box/Player Bench
  • Attend a morning skate
  • Meet and greet with players after the morning skate
  • Limited Edition Framed Art Piece
* Locker Room Tour and On-Ice Demonstration will be on an away game date (TBD). Players for meet & greet are subject to availability.

Single Event
Cost: $180.00 / person


  • One (1) ticket in the Club Level Seating
  • One (1) event ticket
  • Event premium item
  • Buffet dinner
Game Days for the Hockey ‘n Heels nights are:
November 15 vs. Buffalo Sabres
January 14 vs. Washington Capitals
March 10 vs. Florida Panthers

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Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Now this is how you promote hockey.

(I think the Capitals did a huge thing like this last year and they over filled it. Obviously a smashing success.)