Friday, October 31, 2008

The Most AWESOME Grouping of Words EVER (for this Week!)!!!

Have you ever been simply unable to find the right words to accurately describe your fantasy man? Do you just get so caught up in the sight of him that your brain freezes and you're unable to think?

Yes - I DO know the feeling, so I've decided to post a sentence that may sum up your fantasy man no matter who or how hot he may be.

It's just too damn good to keep between Kena and I, so I just felt the need to share it with all of you!!

THANKS to Kena (who ROCKS, by the way!), we all have the ultimate combination of words that suits our feelings towards any HOT hockey man!! Here it is, ladies (we both ask that you PLEASE use it wisely)!!

hot, steamy sex wrapped in a warm towel

First, let's see what this group of words can look like -- this is a picture of Sidney looking like "hot steamy sex wrapped in a warm towel [or hoodie]!" Any questions?!

Now we'll use it in a sentence to better illustrate the shear awesomeness of this grouping of words (as Kena herself has used it), shall we? Ladies, this is just a sample of the context in which it should be used:

[Brenden] Morrow is hot steamy sex, wrapped in a warm towel. I'm not even sure I could face him to get his autograph without just melting or jumping him. It's almost frightening.
Kena and I would also like to encourage you ladies to come up with new and exciting ways to use it in a sentence!! We welcome your ideas AND would also ask that you e-mail us with your favorite or any awesome description words / group of words that you have used to describe your HOT fantasy guy whom you lust after!!

So please humor us and send an e-mail or post a comment with your thoughts and ideas (it will be awesome)!!

THANKS, ladies!!

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