Thursday, October 9, 2008

Worth Another Look: Max Talbot

Ladies, can you tell it's hockey season? Almost a new post everyday on this blog (and I honestly only meant it to be every once in a while during each week, but this is too much FUN!)!!

What motivated me to write this post was Max Talbot's appearance on "Savran on Sportsbeat" last night.

I don't know what it is - whether it's the glasses, the haircut, something different about him that isn't visible to my own eye -- maybe it's "all of the above," but whatever it is, it looks GOOD on him (and that's what I get for previously writing that he was attractive but I was never attracted to him)!!

Let's break it down:

  • I LOVE glasses on a guy (you guys already know that) -- he had different ones on then the ones we saw him wear in Sweden; they were the "no frame" looking ones - very nice!
  • I guess I never really thought about it until he recently "caught my eye," but I like his hair much shorter than longer (it looked a little too greasy for my liking; made him look like a hoodlum)
  • I so much enjoy when Talbot goofs-off (a sense of humor is a must in a guy), but it seems as though he's being a little bit more serious these days during interviews - which is good too; this allows me to actually listen to him talk and I just think his accent is too cute
At the beginning of the interview, Stan mentioned that Max's mother says he looks "studious" now (nothing wrong with that)! Max told Stan he's anxious to get back on the ice at the Mellon Arena to all the fans. He's looked forward to "coming home" all summer long to hear us cheer for them (he said we've been great all season and the past several years). AWESOME!

For those of you who don't know (or don't frequent my other Pens blog), I should mention that he keeps a blog during the season and has started it up again this season. It's in French, but can easily be translated. Here's his most recent post (he talks about the trip to Sweden, being back in Pittsburgh, and the struggling powerplay).

SIDENOTE: Later in the show, Ike Taylor was on for his weekly "Press Coverage," and Stan asked him about meeting other athletes around Pittsburgh. Stan felt that Max and Ike are both great guys and that they would enjoy each other's company (Stan, the match-maker ... what's his number?)!!!


KD said...

Ahhh, I can't believe I missed it! I'm trying to find a Savran on SportsBeat schedule online to see if I can catch a re-broadcast.

I too LOVE a man with glasses, so Max Talbot with glasses is just a double bonus!

KD said...

Ahhhhh!! I can't believe I missed it! I tried, unsuccessfully, to find a broadcast schedule for Savran on SportsBeat. I'm hoping it runs again!

I too LOVE a man in glasses, so Max Talbot in glasses is just a double bonus!