Monday, October 6, 2008

Unsung Hottie

[UPDATE] It's so odd that another blog mentions the Kennedy attractiveness issue today! PittGirl from The Burgh Blog does one of her imaginary "scripts" to play out a smart-ass joke a reader made about his looks -- see for yourself (could she have caught a glimpse of this post?)! Nah - you're right! WHATEV! "To each his own!"

This "Unsung Hottie" is clear-cut black or white (no fan is on the fence about this one). I'm thinking that the majority of you will totally disagree with me (and a few of you may agree and see where I'm coming from) - which is why this is called the "Unsung Hottie").

To me, Tyler Kennedy is a hottie for many other reason than just his looks (it goes WAY beyond that). And yes, ladies, I did get a look at his nose and I can honestly overlook that -- actually, I think cameras make it look much worse than it actually is!! I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Kennedy walking down from the Mellon Arena looking like a typical guy and I also was able to take a gander at him when I went to the Penguins practice at the Iceoplex a few weeks back and I honestly thought to myself, "he really doesn't look too bad in person! The nose / nostrils aren't nearly as big!"

Seriously ladies, for one minutes let's overlook that little "flaw" and listen to what I have to say about Tyler (let's check discrimination with your last keyboard click!).

IMO, Tyler Kennedy is "hot" for the simple fact that this kid works his tail off. He works hard for what he wants and he goes after what he wants full force - that's sexy in itself! There's nothing stopping him. He came up from the AHL last season to come into the Penguins lineup and make a big contribution to the team. And he's not overly confident by any means - he went into this season's training camp just as he did the very first time he skated on NHL ice - like he was out to prove his worth and show why he'd be an asset to the Penguins. Nothin' like a hard-workin' man!!

He is always well-dressed (picture of his leaving practice at the Iceoplex) which shows his self-respect and respect for the team and gives the impression that he takes this job seriously!! Very sexy! And in normal street clothes (when I saw him walking from the Mellon Arena), he was wearing a regular t-shirt and shorts with friends alongside of him. He has a great upper body and is nicely tan.

And we all know how hot a guy who drops the gloves is!! Kennedy has proven his weight when it comes to physicality -- he's a little pistol!! Not at all afraid to stir things up if he thinks his team needs it even though he's fairly new to NHL ice - super SEXY!!

His vehicle of choice is a large hemi pick-up truck pimped out with custom Harley Davidson details (very manly). I'm assuming he likes motorcycles (why else would you trick out your truck with Harley Davidson stuff?!)!!

Have I convinced you or do you need more persuading? I welcome your thoughts!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I must say that I am in TOTAL agreement on Kennedy. I've always liked him, too.

In fact I was considering making the suggestion that you take a closer look at him. And possibly consider him for a spot on your blog. (You obvi beat me to it.)

Personally, I don't understand how you can really let the nose bother you, when there are so many other awsome qualities there to admire. (and as much of a fighter as he is, even if he had a perfect nose it would probably get smashed up anyway, if it hasn't already) All of which you mentioned in your post, with the exception of the hair (really cute curls).

To me the only detractor is his stature (I'm not sure exactly how tall he is and I'm too lazy to look it up right now). I have a VERY difficult time finding guys hot who are less than (about) 6' (There are some I simply ignore how tall they are. Keeps my fantasy life interesting). It's just not hot to look over the top of a guys head at your/his friends.

tanya said...

do they all have the same car? i'm pretty sure i have seen pictures of pens where they were all driving similar car..

Stephanie said...

@tanya - as far as I know, I don't think any of them have the same car except for the fact that Sid and Geno have a Land Rover (in different colors).

THANKS for leaving a comment!!