Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Malkin's FSN - Pittsburgh Commercial

OK ladies, thanks to SCSF reader, Cat, who was nice enough to send a YouTube link that her friend posted yesterday, we will all be able to watch Malkin's new commercial for FSN (as many times as we want) - so cute!!

Anyone catch any of them? So far I've seen ones with Sid, Talbot, Staalsy, and Malkin, but I'm sure there will be more as the season goes on!

Here's the link, but check back later and I'll try to embed the video itself (I can't right now because I'm at work and unable to get to the YouTube site).
Cat suggests turning the volume up on your commercial to hear it.

Here's another link to the commercial (thanks to Chris)!

And another BIG THANKS to Cat and her friend!!

Isn't he just so adorable -- and that face he makes towards the end -- too cute!!


chris said...

here's a better quality version:

swissmiss said...

excellent, that's a better quality one. thx. now , i need to go watch it a hundred times...