Monday, October 27, 2008

MORE FSN Pittsburgh Penguins Commercials!

Two additional FSN Pittsburgh commercials have popped up on YouTube featuring Marc-Andre Fleury and Ryan Whitney (THANKS to Kena for spotting them and letting me know!).

Marc-Andre Fleury

Ryan Whitney

Kena also points out the number of views for each of the commercials indicating popularity (at 7:55 AM yesterday morning). The numbers are actually surprising (Sid is not the most popular and Talbot is gaining on him?!)!!! I'm wondering if fans aren't just fascinated by the broken English thing (with Malkin and Fleury).

Malkin - 2,715
Fleury - 1,091
Crosby - 698
Talbot - 656
Staal - 316
Whitney - 62

[Kena: I guess, we know who the hottest Pens are now. The numbers don't lie. (laughs)]

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