Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sidney's Large ASSet!!!

Did any of you catch the article in the PPG last Sunday by Dave Molinari that started off talking about Noah Welch's (previous Penguins prospect) decision to donate his brain for the study of the effects concussions have on the brain in athletes and ended up having the Penguins players telling him which teammates body part(s) they would offer up to science. Yes - it was an interesting article; it actually led to some pretty interesting answers believe it or not [pure sarcasm]!!

The one that caught my attention was Rob Scuderi's which I, of course, had to post on this blog!!

"I would probably give Sidney Crosby's rear end, because I'd like to see how in God's name it got that big."

His answer was the BEST by far!!! I think I'm going to legally change my name to "Science" so I can have Sidney's "rear end" donated to ME (and what a fine specimen it is)!!

I could go on ALL DAY with these innuendos, but I'll spare you and won't!! OK - just one more!!

What a fine piece of ass!

I'll STOP now!! But I just don't know what it is about Sid that reduces me to a blubbering idiot (when I'm normally a decent young woman of average-intelligence)!!

DAMN YOU (and your ass), Sidney!!!


gilld22 said...

I certainly would love to have his ASSets donated to me too... I am sure I could participate in some science experiments with it (and the the rest of him if I was really forced into it...).

Keep the sexy pictures coming Stephanie.

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

"blubbering idiot" = me

(I thought I was the only one with that weakness)

Lauren said...

LOVE it, as usual!