Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Eye Candy" of the Week: [Mad] Max Talbot

Yes, I was always aware that Max Talbot was attractive, but he was never "my type!"

I had to look twice at this picture today; it sums Talbot up -- he's sexy AND hilarious - a great combination when it comes to men!

This is a really great picture of him; he looks great (and it was just taken on their trip to Sweden)!!

And the glasses -- I don't have to tell you ladies what I think of men in glasses (I've already gone over it in my Ruutu post)!!

I'm sure my fellow Ladies will agree with me on this one -- Max is definitely some "eye candy!"

"Max Talbot's just a beauty," Malone said of his friend and teammate. "It's just one word to describe him. He's special."

1 comment:

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Um, no thanks on this one. Kinda, just not my thing...

He is awsomely funny though. Which as you point out. IS a good thing.

More for you guys, I guess.