Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Eye Candy" of the Week: Alexei Kovalev

In one word, "YUM!"

Ladies, if this isn't "eye candy" then I just don't know what is (can you believe it's someone other than Sid?!)!!

What a fine specimen!

You may be asking what prompted me to choose Alexei Kovalev (or not!). It was this picture which I so innocently stumbled upon the other day. It's the most recent cover of LA SEMAINE (which translates to "THE WEEK" in English).

The cover promises: 12 pages of photos, that he'll talk about his wife (sorry, Kena!), kids, helicopter, and plane (I wasn't able to correctly translate the other word -- let's just go with the theme of this post and say he'll talk about his body)!!

It may have been a while ago, but Kovi was once a Penguin; a great player that I hated to see leave even after Jagr "selflessly sacrificed" himself so the Penguins could keep Kovalev, Lang and, Straka!

You're welcome, Kena!!


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

(Kena, after recovering the ability to type a coherent sentence) “Oh, thank you Stephanie, so very, very, very much.”

And I actually like his wife. (I may be incredibly jealous, but I like her.)

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Ok, you let the monster out...

I was going to put this on this morning but I had to get my DLS back so I could find it again. This is like my favorite utube video. (I love the song)

And this one steals my breath...

OK, I'll shut up now.