Thursday, November 27, 2008


"Hockey 101 with HftL" -- our newest feature is ready to go and we added a special twist, so you'll want to be sure to visit us on Sunday to find out what it is!!

"Bad Boys of Winter" -- Kena and I have decided to start another new feature where we cover the NHL's "bad boys." They're badasses on ice, but we love them and we're dedicating a whole post / feature to them!!

HftL SURPRISE -- You won't want to miss this, so stay tuned (it's not definite at this point, but it will more than likely be posted towards the beginning of the week)!!

As we already mentioned last week (but it's SO WORTH REPEATING!), each Wednesday for the entire month of December, Kena will be dedicating her "Hotties of the Western Conference" posts to her favorite team (in addition to the Pens, of course!) -- the Dallas Stars!

Since I get so many requests to post blogs and fanfics (not to mention some of the great ones I come across myself), I decided to dedicate part of "Freaky Fridays" to a featured Blog and / or Fanfic. Although "Freaky Fridays" may be posted more frequently, the featured Blog and / or Fanfic posts will only be once a month. After the post has been up for a week, the link will be moved to a new HftL Blog / Fanfic list page.

AND Since this IS "Hockey for the Ladies," this is only open to blogs / fanfics authored by LADIES (sorry guys - if there are any that read this blog - HftL is not discriminating, but considering the subject matter of this blog, it's only fitting that it features blogs / fanfics by other females BUT IF YOU WISH TO SUBMIT your blog or fanfic, I will be happy to exchange link with you on my other blog, The Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition)).

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