Monday, November 17, 2008

Meeting Fleury!!

HftL reader, Lauren, was nice enough to e-mail me yesterday to let me know that she had the opportunity to meet Marc-Andre Fleury during a promotional appearance at a Sprint store and sent along some pictures. THANKS A BUNCH, Lauren - how lucky were you?!!

I got to meet MAF today at a promotional appearance he did at the sprint store in Mt Nebo (north of Pittsburgh). The owner of the store owns another store in Robinson (where my dad works) and my dad gets all their company phones from him, so my siblings and I sort of got a little special treatment - basically, we got to sort of skip the line outside and they brought us in the back door so we were among a group of about 30 friends and family members of employees. Anyways, MAF was late getting there so we didn't get to spend too much time with him, but he signed a picture for me and then I got my picture with him too! He was so sweet and kept smiling a lot like usual! :) He seemed very overwhelmed when they told him there were a few hundred people standing out in the cold, all waiting to see him, but he just grinned anyways.

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Elodie said...

Yay! What fun!! Glad you got to meet him!