Tuesday, November 11, 2008

LATEST Malkin Interview

Here's the latest interview with Evgeni Malkin which is TOO ADORABLE!! Catch how he says, "sorry guys" everytime he can't think of / find the right English word!! And gives that same smirk he did in the FSN commercial when he wasn't sure about his English!! CUTE!!

OH - and check out those GINORMOUS hands of his (one of Stephanie's turn-on's = men's manly, rugged hands)!!!


71crush said...

He is too cute/sweet. And yes, those hands are awesome...:) I love when they ask him about Hossa and he says "awwww". LOL

swissmiss said...

Ah, the hands... >fainting<

And I like the Hossa comment too. I think the players don't hate him as much as us fans!

gilld22 said...

Aww so cute... (the hands are good!!)

I love how he tries so hard and gives that adorable smile when he does not know what to say!!