Friday, November 14, 2008

Talbot's Blog Updated (11/12/2008)

As you may have already noticed, Max Talbot updated his blog last Wednesday, November 12th and this time he talks about the great win over Detroit, his new segment - "Hockey to the Max" on FSN - Pittsburgh, being on the top line with Sid, and a few other things.



Val/stovgirl said...

Can we find Max's segment on Wednesday evenings on Savran's show on youtube?

I love your blog...I look at it first thing in the morning, and it totally makes my day, as does Kena's rock!

Stephanie said...

THANKS, val/stovgirl!!

We appreciate your posting comments and letting us know that you enjoy HftL!! We enjoy writing it so it's always a bonus when we hear that we have readers who enjoy it too!!

As far as getting Max's segment from YouTube, we're on it, so if it's posted, we'll be sure to post it here - check back!