Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hockey to the Max (11/24/2008)

HftL reader, Traci, was nice enough to send me a link of the most recent "Hockey to the Max" segment on Savran on Sportsbeat yesterday which she recorded and uploaded to YouTube to share with all of us.

THANKS a bunch, Traci!!


Elodie said...

Cool! Thanks so much! You guys are so great!

Stephanie said...

THANKS, Elodie -

My readers (you) are pretty great!!

staalzielover11 said...

haha! i love max...i laughed so hard when he said that him and flower were throwing snowballs at the sabres mascot cause they couldnt play! those two are horrible together..lol..they're the little pranksters on the team, but i could see them throwing snowballs at the mascot..HAHA I LOVE THEM BOTH!!