Friday, November 28, 2008

The Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition)

I just wanted to take the time to mention that both Kena and I have other, more - uh, "serious" [or not so serious according to Kena] blogs!! HftL started out as a feature of my original Pens blog called "The Steel City Sports Fan (Penguins Edition)" and it's posted on the sidebar to the left, but I wasn't sure how many of you knew (or noticed) that. I figured that you guys are such avid hockey fans, you would also enjoy reading this blog as well (if you don't already). It's actually the first blog I ever wrote (and continue along with HftL).

Its has all the latest new, rumors, and of course, my own personal opinion about our wonderful Pens!

Kena's blog, "Girls Are Real Sports Fans Too," covers several different sports and not just hockey (thus, the name) from football, hockey (especially the Dallas Stars - her favorite), to NASCAR.

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