Monday, November 17, 2008

Unsung Hottie - Matt Cooke

Probably not alot of ladies would find one of the Penguins newer players, Matt Cooke, a hottie, but I'm always into the "bad boy" type so I was intrigued from the moment we picked him up to replace former team agitator Jarkko Ruutu (which, you may remember, is a favorite of mine) this past July.

I, myself, find Cooke attractive (aside from that tooth he's missing -- why do guys decide not to fix that?!)! But what prompted me to make him an "Unsung Hottie" is what I recently found out about him from reading the following article on the Pittsburgh Penguins webpage, "Cooke Adds Energy to Penguins Lineup."

In fact, Cooke’s three children – Gabby, Reece and Jackson – are never too far from his mind, nor his body for that matter. “A friend of ours runs a company in Vancouver that does tattooed shirts,” Cooke said. “She put my kids names on the back of my shirts because at the end of the day, that’s what everything is for. If you don’t have family, you have nothing.”

Also in the article, it talks about how he and his wife, Michelle, formed The Cooke Family Foundation of Hope in 2006 after suffering the loss of a niece who was stillborn after 38 weeks. The foundation provides assistance to "individuals faced with health, financial and emotional life changes." The foundation is only registered in Canada but they are currently in the process of registering in the US as well.

Who knew that Matt Cooke was such a family man?!! It goes to show that these guys are totally different off the ice then they are on.

“People wouldn’t necessarily know that the way they see me on the ice,” Cooke said. “I’m an old soul that way.”


71crush said...

I was surprised too when I saw the "getting to know Matt Cooke" thing at the Pens site. What a sweetie. And he collects antigues!! LOL He seems like a great guy. :)

debrisslide said...

I think Cooke's missing tooth is kinda cute. Because he doesn't give a damn what people think. That's always quite attractive.

Stephanie said...

debrisslide -

Never thought about it like that, but you make a good point!! He's still attractive -- nowhere near as bad as Ovechkin, but that just bothers me (at least when they're off the ice)!!

THANKS for posting a comment!

Val/stovgirl said...

He is a doll...I was so impressed with him after watching "the getting to know Matt Cooke" segment, and his wife is beautiful...I bet their kids are sweet, too!

teri springer said...

I also enjoyed the piece on Matt tho I already considered him a hottie. He is a VERY funny guy too.

Re: the tooth, hey if his wife doesn't mind why should we?

Also, based on what I have heard from teammates, I have now dubbed Matt (formerly known as the Cooke Monster) "Yak-Yak." I guess he never shuts up. He should sit with Kris, who never stops asking questions.

Great blog.