Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hottie of the Western Conference: Devin Setoguchi (San Jose Sharks)

Ah, this one's a request. [Yes - this one was my idea!] Today we're going to chat about the cute little baby Sharkie, Devin Setoguchi. He caught Stephanie's eye the other day when they did a TV segment on his badminton skills (it seems he's some kind of champion at it in his home country of Canada).

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: He's a 1st round draft pick of the San Jose Sharks in 2005 (8th over all). He has not disappointed. So far in the 08/09 season, he's second on the team in points (5-3=8, as of 10-29-09) - not too shabby. He scored a goal in each of the first two games this season. Setoguchi scored his first two regular-season NHL goals on October 29, 2007, in his first NHL game, playing against the Dallas Stars (in case you all were wondering why I knew about some of this stuff [hysterical laughter]). He became the first Sharks rookie ever to score two goals in his first NHL game. He's scored a PP goal, on the Red Wings, so he gets bonus points in my book for that. [in mine TOO - was Hossa on the ice to give him a minus (-)?!!!]!! He's bounced back and forth from the AHL to the NHL several times, but it looks like he's in the NHL to stay now.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'0”, 200lbs. What a sweetheart... I call him “exotic” Stephanie calls him “hot”. Black hair, dark brown eyes and chubby little chipmunk cheeks (so pinchable and cute). During the “painful and excruciatingly difficult” [laughs] research for this post. I discovered something beyond his looks that REALLY makes him HOT. BRAINS!!!!!! [Read Here] Obviously, (and I'm sure plenty of you ladies out there will agree with me) Brains and brawn are the ultimate package in a guy. I like bearded Setoguchi myself, but don't know how the rest of you feel (so please feel free to leave a comment). Although with a beard, Setoguchi looks like anything but the “little sex kitten” Stephanie describes him as – a hot, young rookie that makes you want to "purr!" [Me-OW!!]


maddie said...

hahaha!!! love the article!! i think he is hella fine!! <3 oh and torrey mitchell too!! ahh-mazing! lol

tally said...

wow. you guys are gay