Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Mikko Koivu (Minnesota Wild)

I would use the words “Total Stud” to describe him. Everywhere there's action on the ice, that's where you'll find him (for all of you who are familiar with the Penguins [which I hope is most of you], a good “on ice” comparison is Tyler Kennedy). And though I have tried, I can think of no better description. The term “Total Stud” simply fits him to perfection.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: What impresses me the most is his work ethic and the fact that he is good at everything. It just can't be said enough although I don't personally find that he has a specialty. He has 14 career multi-point games. You really need to take a close look at him the next time the Wild play your team. Only then will you fully appreciate what a REALLY GOOD hockey player he is. In these most recent playoffs he led the Wild in TOI against Colorado. In 06/07 he put up fantastic stats. Leading the Wild in everything from face offs, to (I think) goals scored. He's been getting a lot of time on MN's top line this year (along with ex. Star Antti Miettinen). Which has been one of the driving forces behind the Wild's success so far this year (08/09) [they were the last unbeaten team. Stars kicked their butts. Woo.] At the time of this writing, they lead the NW division. Mikko Koivu leads the Wild in points, and his nine assists rank him in the top 10 in the League.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: 6'2” (I actually think he's taller than they have listed) 200lbs. Blond and blue-eyed; oh, and dimples ([*swoon*] I am a sucker for dimples). [oh, me TOO!!] He's got a really sweet look to him, kinda shy with the media, and he looks younger than he is. In my humble opinion, he's one of the top 10 most gorgeous men on the planet. But I'm biased because he's blond, so you may not want to take my word for it. In fact, I recommend lots of careful study, and detailed research (you can start with THIS). He was the deciding factor in my desire to watch a couple Wild games so far this year (I “suffered” through this in order to bring all of you the most accurate of information, you understand). He's one of those especially few guys, that when you see them in a photo or on TV, you have to stop, and consciously remember to breathE. I find him more “pretty” than “hot." Like you'd put him on a shelf and look at him; not just jump in the sack with him.

When I think of “All American” looks, he's really close to my mental picture of perfection which is a particular source of amusement for me since he's actually Finnish.

Researchers Note: Since I find myself writing for an East Coast blog (willingly, though) I feel that I should mention that I find him significantly hotter than his brother Saku, (Montreal Canadians) [no offense to the EC girls, or the Canadians fans, among which I count myself]. Although I will readily admit to having a “thing” for Saku [despite the lack of stature, come on, 5'10” I think 5'6” is probably closer]. Since I watched a publicity promo where they ask him about his “secret talents”. I think my heart stopped beating at the look on his face.


Elodie said...

A Fin!!! YAY!! Thanks for putting Mikko up! He's lovely

Lauren said...

Normally, I tend to go for dark-haired guys, but this blond is CUTE! And he's tall and he has dimples?! He's a winner, in my book :)