Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Small Setback with "Hockey 101 with HftL" AND What Lies Ahead

Sorry to disappoint all of you, ladies, but we're going to have to hold off on "Hockey 101 with HftL" for another week. It seems my last-minute plans "fell through" and there's still a possibility it will work, but it's best if we wait and I promise no matter what, this feature will begin next week!

PLUS - I still have another surprise up my sleeve even though I may not be able to "spring it on you" for another week or so!!

AND since Kena is a HUGE Dallas Stars fan, we decided to make next month a "December of Stars" and Kena is writing up "Hotties" for a total of five Dallas Stars for each week in December!!

So we still have plenty to look forward to, ladies!! Make sure to check in everyday because you never know what we'll come up with next!!

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