Monday, November 10, 2008

HftL Investigates

So ladies, the video of Tyler Kennedy getting "creamed," the culprit is off-camera and unidentifiable -- OR is he?

The very observant Kena noticed a few identifiable items:

  1. a ring on the right hand (which holds the towel that he hits Kennedy with); and
  2. a bracelet on his right wrist

My first guess was Talbot because he's the only one I can see wearing jewelry; however, Kena points out that alot of the boys wear chains around their necks, so my assumption isn't necessarily realistic.

Now - if necessary, Kena and I will do some investigating (undercover PI work -- I can SO see us doing that!), but first we wanted to ask all of you for your guesses (or facts, if you know)!! So if you haven't noticed this in the video, be sure to view it (over-and-over if you have to) to study it closely and possibly identify the "creaming culprit." Recognize the ring, bracelet, or the hand even, WE WANT TO KNOW!!

Leave your guesses in the comments OR e-mail HftL!!

[UPDATE] So far this morning, it looks like Godard may be a likely candidate, but we'll see if we get any other good guesses before we come to a conclusion (and do further investigation)!! Until then, we'll keep a running tab below:

  1. GODARD - according to several "HftL sources," he was seen walking through the frame seconds before the "incident" saying "hi mom" to the camera and it appears his wrist and finger were taped-up (this was during the direct [live] feed); this sounds like a very good / logical possibility, ladies!


debrisslide said...

I think Godard had something to do with it. If you were watching the direct feed, he walks through the frame really quickly before Potash does the interview saying "Hi Mom" and possibly holding something in his hand. Potash was so in on it.

staalzielover11 said...

i agree with debrisslide. i thing godard does have something to do with it cause he was the one to go past right before the interview saying "hi mom" and the more i watch it i seen that there was tape around his wrist and finger like u do when u are boxing..hmmm? maybe it was godard

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

You know, I can see godard wearing one of those gold chain bracelts.

My honest opinion, is either him or Staal, because they are the only ones tall enough to stay out of frame. (except Malkin, but that doesn't seem like his style).

I'm sorry I only have the utube video to work with.