Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Hockey 101" TODAY (and MORE on Things Ahead for HftL)!!

OK - a few things have occurred since my previous post about "what's ahead" at HftL which I wrote last night (it's always amazing how quickly things can change)!!

  • It looks like "Hockey 101" is still 'a go' and I may still be able to post it today (like I said, my latest plan was quite the last minute thing and it was bound to turn out a little late), so check back today -- I can't wait to introduce our latest feature (Kena and I are really excited about it, so we're hoping you'll enjoy it too)!!
  • AND - I'll definitely be able to post the surprise sooner than I originally thought, but I'm not sure when exactly that will be -- hopefully sometime this week (GOOD STUFF, so check back)!!
  • I received a summary and some GOOD PICS from yesterday's game from Hftl reader, Lauren, who was lucky enough to be at (in a LUXURY BOX no less)!! I'll try to have that up sometime today or tomorrow, so be on the watch for that too!!

Later, ladies!!

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