Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hotties of the Western Conference: Denis Gauthier (Los Angeles Kings)

I was won over on this guy because of an appearance on (of all things) the TV Show, The Price is Right. Now, while I'm not a conneseure of television I really recommend checking out this [VIDEO] of the guys on the show. And this especially this one [VIDEO] of the Kings behind the scenes.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: Currently he plays defense for the Los Angeles Kings. He's known for his big open-ice hits. He's a very physical, [LINK HERE] defensive player and was the Calgary Flames' first-round draft pick, 20th overall, in the 1995 Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut in 1997 and has since established himself as a powerful presence on the blue line of several teams (Flames, Coyotes, Flyers and Kings). Prior to the 2007-08 season, Gauthier was waived by the Flyers and was assigned to the Philadelphia Phantoms. He spent the entire season with the Phantoms and the following season was waived again on June 30, 2008. The following day he was traded along with a 2010 2nd round draft pick to the Los Angeles Kings for Patrik Hersley and Ned Lukacevic.

THE REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Guys who play like he does [VIDEO] get a special place on the “hot” list. But beyond that he's 6'2” 220lbs, of “tall, dark & puppy dog.” Light brown hair, and light brown eyes. The movie star hair matches a very mischievous grin. He played for the Philadelphia Flyers before, so maybe some of you already know (or even dislike) him but I'm not holding it against him since he plays for the Kings now. I know we all like the “bad boys” (we probably wouldn't be hockey fans if we didn't) and he's got the “bad boy” requirement well covered with [This VIDEO & ThisVideo].

And of course who doesn't love the French Canadian accent? [VIDEO]


Elodie said...

Oh his neck is just too wide for me. I'm sure he's charming though!

Val/stovgirl said...

Woohoo, love those defensemen - great piece, Kena - I really look forward to them...

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Thank you for the nice compliment val.

And I too, have a (very large) soft spot for D-men.