Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shirts vs. Skins (OMG!)!!

OK ladies, when I read this article, I almost jumped out of MY skin and I think you may have the same reaction (or had the same reaction if you already read the article posted on the Penguins webpage).

Here's the little blurb I'm referring to (the Penguins players had a few games of soccer yesterday):
The soccer match consisted of two teams - shirts vs. skins - in a seven-on-seven competition.

[GOOD Lord!! The mere thought of it makes me weak in the knees!]

But then to my disappointment, it listed the players on each team (and my bubble burst!):
Representing team shirts were: Sidney Crosby [DAMN IT!] Rob Scuderi, Darryl Sydor, Jordan Staal [I'll say it for you, Kena -- DAMN IT!], Miroslav Satan, Pascal Dupuis and strength and conditioning coach Mike Kadar. Representing team skins were: Alex Goligoski, Eric Godard [OMG!!], Hal Gill, Mike Zigomanis, Kris Letang [OMG!], Tyler Kennedy [OMG! sorry for the oversight, ladies; he does have an awesome upper-body -- if you've ever caught a glance at him with street clothes!!], and Marc-Andre Fleury.

Do you really think they played with their shirts off? I'm leaning towards no. But who knows (were any HftL readers lucky enough to be there? [please, God!] DO tell!)

What was the rest of the article about? I honestly do not know. But seriously, it was about Therrien not having a typical practice yesterday and that the players (aside from Sabourin, Bissonnette, Eaton and Sykora who actually practiced on the ice) were able to choose to lift weights or play soccer as part of their "conditioning."
"It’s nice, we had a workout and a little game,” Crosby said. “Just get the guys together, get moving, get sweating. We had a mix of soccer and hockey. We played sockey today.”
Other interesting tidbits:

  • Sidney was the goalie for his team and Godard & Goligoski took turns as goalies for their team
  • Team Shirts (Sidney's team) won all three games
  • winning team won lunch
  • Crosby and Staal agreed that Satan was the top soccer player


Life_As_A_Redhead said...

I'd just like to add that there should have been at least a "honorable OMG", for Kennedy.

Thanks for "representing" me on the "damn it" for Staal.

[hysterical laughter]... My verification word is "jungle". How apropos.

gilld22 said...

I would have loved to have seen that, especially if they were shirtless... would have been more exciting if Sid had been shirtless but then anything could have happened and I would not have seen, my eyes would have been glued to him!!!

(I also think that an "OMG" would have been suited for TK, he is a wee cutie afterall...

Lauren said...

I *hope* the Pens website has some pictures/video of this momentous occasion :)

Kris Letang shirtless? I'm pretty sure I might stop breathing for a minute if I ever saw that

Sam said...

Why couldn't Sid be representing the skins?! Gahh, I would've died if I ever saw that. But I do hope that there are some pictures of this activity.

Elodie said...

Oh just to imagine them playing footie is so...ahhh...

Cat said...
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Stephanie said...

Cat -

THANKS a million for the link!! I just noticed that you deleted the comment for some reason (if there's a problem -- be sure to e-mail me)!!

Lauren said...

Cat -
You are my hero for posting that link. I'm going to go try and teach myself how to breathe again.