Friday, November 21, 2008

Just a short post to keep you ladies "in-the-know" with upcoming HftL posts / features!!
  • I may have something special in the works, but I won't be specific about it until everything is confirmed!! STAY TUNED - YOU WON'T BE SORRY!!
  • AND don't forget to check out HftL new feature, "Hockey 101 with HftL" which will have it's inaugural post this coming Sunday (I may decide to change the day it's featured), but in the meantime, this feature will allow us to discuss various rules of hockey or an aspect of the game so we're all better able to understand / enjoy the game (and so we're not accused of being "puck bunnies")!!


teri springer said...

I have been involved in hockey (watching, playing, coaching, being hockey mom) since 1964 (yeah, I'm that old). I grew up running the halls of Olympia Stadium with the Howe kids. If you want to know anything about the game, just ask. At this point I now billet 2 AAA, Midget-Major players that my son (who is almost 25- 5 1/2 weeks younger that Talbot) coaches.

I will DIE watching a game if I have MY way!!!

teri, the ultimate hockey mom

Lauren said...

I'm very intruiged by this "something special" :)

@Teri: My goal is to be you someday. :) The first step in achieving that plan is finishing grad school and getting the heck out of Cleveland (the anti-hockey, anti-Pittsburgh capital of the world) and get back to my beloved Steel City!

71crush said...

Wow, teri , thats impressive. :)

Cant wait to see what the "special something" is!