Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Driving HftL Style!

I forgot to mention that I got my "Penguins & Paws" calendar at last night's game (it was a delightful surprise because I didn't think they were suppose to start selling them until the December games) and I'm hoping to take some pictures to post here -- GOOD STUFF!! DEFINITELY worth the $20 for charity!!!

I'm going to use today as sort of a "potpourri" of things to try and cover stuff I haven't had a chance to post until now (from email items, pics, etc.) - I'll be covering a little bit of everything, so stay tuned (I'm still working on it -- I had a late night because I was lucky enough to be at last night's game!! I KNOW!!)!!!!!



PK_37 said...

You were at last night's game!?
That must have been an amazing experience.

I would like to see pictures from the pens and paws calender. Do they do one every year? Because this is my first time hearing about it.

Can't wait for more updates!

Maureen said...

I was at the game last night too... it was AWESOME!!!!!!! :-) Can't wait to get my Pens and Paws calendar.

Maureen said...

okay... i think i might be addicted to this site... I sit here at work, or home and refresh it every 20 minutes... just in case there is something new! LOL... LOVE it! Thanks ladies.