Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crosby Picture of the Week (TOO ADORABLE!)

This week's picture has nothing to do with current happenings in Sid's life, but it takes us back to a moment frozen in time as a young Sidney heads off to school with his mother, Trina, helping him out with his Toronto Blue Jays backpack.

These are the photos we don't often get see - of young Sidney which is why they're such a great find and why I wanted to share it with you ladies!!

I was lucky enough to stumble across it on "[A Sidney Crosby Fansite] Sidney Crosby Hockey!"

What a SWEETIE (and such a loving mom!)!!


25superstar said...

how precious!

Stephanie said...

@25superstar - isn't it though?!!! Makes me fall in love with him all over again! : P

UM -- who is that in your profile picture????!!

Whitters said...

That is probably the cutest picture I've seen. EVER! What a cute kid!

And uh...ditto on the profile picture 25superstar! LOL

Stephanie said...

@Whitters - I seriously think I've seen all his pictures and then a gem like this turns up and it always becomes my "new favorite" or close to it!!!! Actually, who am I kidding, they're ALL my favorite (have you ever seen a picture of Sid you didn't like?)!!!! ; )

The Colors of Hockey said...

That's Hedman in the picture, ladies.

Stephanie said...

@The Colors of Hockey -- ah, alas, the guy in 25superstar's profile pic (FINALLY!)!!!!!

THANKS!!!! Perhaps there will be a future hottie post???


; )

EHisCDN said...

HE'S A JAYS FAN!! omg that just makes him better, I'm a huge Jays fan...i thought he might have liked the expos since he for some unknown reason liked the Habs (eww).

Cat said...

I guess I have the answer to my question of "Can Sidney ever look any cutier?". Yes, yes he can. How adorable!!! Sweetness and joy.

Sara Bernhardt said...

You know what I love more about this? PARACHUTE TRACKSUIT