Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crosby Picture of the Week

I really haven't seen this picture before, so I'm wondering how many of you have. It looks like it was around the time he started playing in the NHL because he still has (had) that baby-face, teenager look to him around that time and even though he's still young these days, you can really tell how he's grown into the fine young man we all know he is!!! : )

But look at that upper body (those shoulders and arms) - OH MY - what a nice upper body it is!!!


Jay said...

Positively dreamy.... I haven't seen it before, but you're definitely right in that he's a young'un. I feel like such a craddle-robber as I ogle that picture, lol!

Cat said...

Whoa...can I get that in poster size????
I haven't seen it before and I'm SURE I would remember it if I had.
That shirt just fits so damn perfectly. It's inspiring many, many naughty thoughts. lol

Stephanie said...

@Jay - I can relate!!! : P

@Cat - LOVE that idea (poster-size would be sweet!)!! I already beat you to the naughty thoughts though! : P

THANKS for the comments!! : )

Anonymous said...

yeah, i have seen this before, but i ahve NO idea where.
but man. i'll neveer get tired of looking at him.
lovely face...hot bod... what's not to love?!

Val said...

That picture = the bomb!

Staal1187Crosby said...

I'm with Cat & Stephanie - poster-size would be extra sweet!! This is yet another great photo I haven't seen before. Thanks for finding!