Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Western Conference (now with the Eastern Conference) Hottie: Chris Conner (Pittsburgh Penguins formerly Dallas Stars)

Ok, since I'm a glutton for punishment and I keep tabs on 2 different teams (hockey is like potato chips, you can't have just one) I actually kind of like it, when they just swap players. The most recent TX car tag your going to see in the Pens parking lot belongs to Right Wing Chris Conner. Formerly of the Dallas Stars.

IMPORTANT HOCKEY STUFF: As some of you know, or may not know, the [poor babies] Stars, were riddled with injuries to a number of key players. The least of which, (stop laughing, Stephanie) is their [fearless leader, and all around STUD!] "C" Brenden Morrow. (now I KNOW your laughing, Stephanie) Which caused a shortage of RWs. So they called up, Chris Conner, from the AHL last fall. He's pretty low key, but really gets and digs after the puck. He's fast, and you'll see him chasing the puck anywhere. (He's not unlike Tyler Kennedy. Same type of game.) 7 goals, and 14 assists in 71 NHL games for the Stars. He's only played in 1 playoff game. However I think pressure like the playoffs, is an undiscovered strength he has as a player [this is my personal opinion, take it for what you will]. His main disadvantage is his lack of size. He's "generously" listed at 5'8" and 180. (I'm pretty sure there was a brick involved in both the measuring and the weighing.) This brings me to a funny story I heard on the radio (no, Stephanie, it wasn't Morrow) from Steve Ott (who's ever the prankster) about how his team mates would keep putting a stool, in front of his locker, and telling him it was there so he could reach his gear. They even did this on the road. In college, he was on the WCHA all star team. Playing for the Michigan Tech Huskies. He ended his Huskies career as the school’s all-time leader in shorthanded goals (15) and ranked 19th among goal-scorers (69). [More on his career with the Huskies, Here] Never drafted, he began his pro career on an amateur try-out basis with Iowa in the AHL. After a strong showing which included a two-point effort in seven playoff games, he earned a two-year contract with Dallas. (Conner was signed as a free agent out of collage by the Stars, on 07/13/06.) He was an AHL rookie of the year, his first season out of collage for the IA Stars. While playing for the Stars, his line mates were, James Neal [previously on HftL], and Mike Modano [previously on HftL]. A line, that while together, did have some success even during that doomed season. He wore Max Talbot's # 25, in Dallas, so I'm not sure what we'll see him in for the Pens.

REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF: Um, EYELASHES!!! Thick, black, long beautiful eyelashes. Of course there's other things to admire. Well, I'm still having trouble getting past the eyelashes. But you ladies feel free to drool on any thing you like. There's plenty of physical attributes to admire. The mesmerizing blue eyes. Wavy brilliant black hair. [which just gets more awesome, when he spikes it] The cute rosy cheeks. The way he pouts, when he's out on the ice [just watch for it, trust me] The smile (although that was a little rough, when he was short a few teeth there for a while.) He's just all around gorgeous, and busts a grin, at every opportunity. He loves playing the game, and it shows in his infectious enthusiasm. Just try to look at him smiling, and not smile yourself, you can't do it.

He has a wife, Lindsey, and his first child was born this past February (2009) There were some complications with the birth [I believe a bit premature, but don't quote me]. But all was well, in a few days. So congratulations to the Conner's. MUCH better looking on TV. Trust me. Here's a little teaser,

(yes, I know it's short on quality, but we're dealing with the Stars tec people here, and their not known for over doing much of anything web related.) It's the only interview I could find. I'm sure at some point, he'll be interviewed by PIT people, and we'll be able to feast our eyes, all we want. But for now, this will have to do.

Oh, and we already know he looks good in black.


Jay said...

We are soo lucky to have a hockey team that is not only kick-ass, but really is absolutely gorgeous. Like I needed any other incentive to watch?!

Stephanie said...

@Jay - I know we're lucky fans; we have an extremely well-rounded bunch of guys (athletic and handsome!)!!!!!! Can they get anymore attractive??!!!! : P

Cat said...

Ooo, I'm loving this new Pen! What gorgeous blue eyes! I'll bet Penguins black will really bring the sapphire color of them out. I have to admit I don't know much about the Stars (other than they had the misfortune of having Avery for a bit...unless you liked him...then I'm sure he was a fine addition) anyway, I'm so happy to have you bring gems like this to our attention. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

@Cat -- glad we could point him out to you! He does have some mesmorizing blue eyes! BTW - from listening to Kena, there weren't many, if any at all, Stars fans who liked having Avery on the team!!

THANKS for the comments; keep them coming!!! : )

Life_As_A_Redhead said...

Oh, I like Avery. Liked him before, and like him after. I wrote a post detailing my feelings about him.


No way, no how, NOT FOR MONEY!!!! New York, can (and should have) kept him.

To add to Stephanie's comment. The players, really didn't like having him as a Star, either.