Thursday, July 30, 2009


A few weeks ago, a signed limited-edition Sidney Crosby print was stolen from a Tim Horton's in Strathmore. The story was all over the internet and, most likely, how Sidney Crosby learned of it. Being the classy guy he is, he felt the need to replace it (this one is a picture of him hoisting the Stanley Cup!).
"Last Friday, I got a package in the mail that was addressed to the store manager," said Rohl. "On the packing slip it says, 'Gift from Sidney Crosby,' so I was dumbfounded."

"I didn't expect this because I didn't mention it to anybody."
That, ladies, screams "class" and our dear Captain oozes it!!!

*Already listed this quality as #2 - "Crosby is a Class-Act," but it deserves repeating since he continues to be such a classy guy!!


Jay said...

What a guy.

Zigh said...

I agree with Jay...

is there any reason not to love him??... I think not =)

Anonymous said...

could he be anymore PERFECT?!

Cat said...

He is a genuinely good person. It may not sound like much, but it seems so rare these days. He just does the right things for all the right reasons. It just makes me sick when people bash him. How can anyone pick on someone who is just so truly good?

PK_37 said...

That's our Crosby - such a classy guy.

@Cat - I always think the same thing! How can people be rude to him?

Staal1187Crosby said...

Nice story! One more reason to love him (like we needed another!). :-)